Part of the cover of The one we feed by Kameron Hurley. a soldier's hand carrying a futuristic looking rifle by their waist

from The one we feed

Remember when my head was full of old proverbs and not a lick of fact? Yeah, well, I think it’s turned around now as I get older. Fewer facts. More proverbs. It’s the stories that stick. Hurley, Kameron. The one we feed, 2017

The truth about stories

From what I remember I bought this book a few years ago because of Aarti’s A More Diverse Universe reading challenge. I didn’t get around to reading it then, but for some reason it popped out at me when I went to shelve a different book. So I picked it up and started reading. It […]

The silver dark sea

Life is different when you live on an island. The sea is all important, whether or not you make you living from it. The sea can be heard everywhere, and to be without it is unthinkable. The sea also brings gifts; washed up wellington books, feathers, shells and the like. But the sea also takes. […]

Here lies Arthur

ISBN: 9780439955331 LibraryThing | Author’s site Some stories will never stop being retold. How many different versions of the Arthurian legends are there out there? And do we really need another? Well, why not. I mean, just because you share the germ of an idea with someone doesn’t mean you can’t go something new with […]