Part of the cover of The one we feed by Kameron Hurley. a soldier's hand carrying a futuristic looking rifle by their waist

from The one we feed

Remember when my head was full of old proverbs and not a lick of fact? Yeah, well, I think it’s turned around now as I get older. Fewer facts. More proverbs. It’s the stories that stick. Hurley, Kameron. The one we feed, 2017

The Empire Ascendant

The Worldbreaker Saga # 2. Received free from Netgalley, this book will be published in October. I’m stealing the description from netgalley because I hate recapping follow up books in a series : Loyalties are tested when worlds collide… Every two thousand years, the dark star Oma appears in the sky, bringing with it a […]


Bel Dame Apocrapha # 2 Six years after the events in God’s War and Nyx is still making a living by taking notes, or killing. She has a new team, no magician this time round, and she’s doing okay. Not great, never great, but she’s getting by. She has enough to pay the bills most […]

God’s War

Bel Dame Apocrypha #1 Originally read August 2011 – Reread August 2014 Okay, this book seriously rewards a reread. I can’t believe it has only been 3 years since I read it because I remembered so little of the plot. The opening I had no problem with recalling, but everything after that was a bit […]

The Mirror Empire

Book 1 in The Worldbreaker Saga Arc received from NetGalley Before I even mention the plot of the book I want to just say that I love this cover. Go on, take a proper look : The artwork is by Richard Anderson and it just so beautiful and yet grim and dark at the same […]

Brutal women

Author Kameron Hurley has been getting a bit of coverage in the sff-world lately on account of her debut novel God’s War and to tie in with this publicity a collection of her short stories has been released. Many of these have been previously published before, but some have never been seen before. I haven’t read God’s War but it sounds vaguely interesting, I mean, it has been described as bug-punk, that’s got to pique your interest, right? So when I saw this I figured that it’d be nice to get a sampler of her work before lining up another book on Mount TBR. The stories in this collection are:
The short stuff
The Women of Our Occupation
If Women Do Fall they Lie
Holding Onto Ghosts
Wonder Maul Doll
Genderbending at the Madhattered
My Oracles at the End of the World
Once, There Were Wolves
Canticle of the Flesh
In Freedom, Dying
Women and Ladies, Blood and Sand
and a lot are available to read on her site

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