Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton

Tooth and claw


Bon Agornin has led a successful life in many ways. He has improved his status, and his elder children are well on their way in life. But his three youngest need additional help. The two younger daughters need dowries if they are to marry well, and his youngest son needs in the city. And so Bon Agornin has decided that his wealth is to go to them, with the rest of his family merely taking a token, for remembrance and tradition. And by his wealth he means his treasure and his body, for in dragon society it is practice to eat the dead. But his son-in-law does not agree, believing that Bon Agornin meant only his gold. He and his family take much much more of the dead dragon’s body than one token bite.

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The beauty of it smote his heart

I haven’t commented at all on Hurricane Katrina. I guess part of the reason is a sort of disbelief. Not that the weather can be that destructive, but that it happened in the US. The idea that an entire American city could be destroyed is almost unbelievable. We are sort of used to it in less developed countries, but, somehow you kind of figure that the world’s only superpower would be able to deal with anything.

Another lesson that we don’t take nature all that seriously.