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24 March 2019

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Okay, so I don’t think I ever reviewed Get Out when I watched it. But I loved it, and have seen it a few times, so I knew I was going to go see Peele’s new film whatever it was. And then that trailer arrived, I was all “errr, I’m not down with the horror and this looks terrifying, but it is a Jordan Peele film…” Despite my horror misgivings I knew I was going to go, and go I did.

In a way I think it is a pity that the trailer gives so much away and is so creepy, because it means you already know who the “family in the driveway” are, and I for one went in expecting to be utterly terrified. Unfortunately I wasn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some definite creeptastic moments, and the idea is decidedly unpleasant, but it felt to me as though the trailer promised more terror, whereas what we got was atmospheric creep. Which is the sort of film I always prefer, but because I was expecting one thing I came away slightly hmmm. I would like to rewatch it, knowing what I know now, I think I’d be able to take it much more on its own merits. Damn you trailer!

But despite all that I still really really enjoyed this film. As I said, it is creeptastic and has a wonderful atmosphere to it. Plus all the actors are wonderful in their double roles. I loved Duke in his Black Panther role, here he plays a very different character but is just as good. The kids too are great, and Nyong’o is awesome in her roles.

I will say that towards the end of the film my brain did start to wonder how it all made in-universe sense, and it really didn’t, so that took me out a little as well. Nevertheless1 it was a really good film and I urge you to go see it before someones tells you all about it and ruins it on you.

  1. a word I feel we should all be using more 

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