Dragon loves Penguin

The gret thing about working in a library is getting to flick through so many books that I might otherwise never even glance at. Children’s picture books tick those boxes. It is amazing how awesome some of them are. And this one features dragons and penguins. What more could you possibly want in a story? […]

April Spotlight

Yes, it is slightly more than a month since my last *monthly* spotlight on post. But what can I say? I’m nothing if not predictable in my not sticking to my own timetable :)

Oliver Jeffers was born in Belfast, he now lives in Brooklyn, and he has won many many awards for his art and his books. He has written & illustrated a number of books, two in particular I love and adore. The first, Lost and found is the story of a boy, and penguin who may, or may not, be lost. It has been made into a short film[1] that is simply wonderful. The other book his that I love is The heart and the bottle.

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March of the Penguins

Narrated by Morgan Freeman ; aka La Marche de l’empereur

A nature documentary about penguins in the Antartic, this has been making the news as it is doing fantastic business, the surprise blockbuster of 2005. But after watching it I am really left wondering why. Don’t get me wrong, it has cute fluffy penguin chicks, and is worth watching, but is it just me or are there numerous nature documentaries that are as good, if not better, shown all the time on the BBC?

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The truth about penguins and Yetis

“Sometimes to believe what you get to hear is not easy. There are several stories, being that curios, you would not even consider to think about. Like the story from the yeti and the pinguin. Why do millions of internet users play that game? Everyone enthusiastic in talking about his daily personal best. Daily the […]