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There’s nothing worse than feigned empathy

When Katy French died I only knew her as “that so-called celeb in a coma”. I only knew her as that because I use TV3 to keep tra [...]

To each cow its calf, to each book its copy

shush, don’t tell anyone right, but I’m ripping off an entire article. Hopefully there won’t be a war and a self imposed e [...]

What do they have in common?

Breakingnews.ie say that young people, people in Munster and Sinn [...]

Letter of the week

“Could I take this opportunity to ask if Sinn Féin now supports the location of an incinerator in Cork? -Letter in the Irish Times [...]

When is a murder not a crime?

When the IRA do it.
Or at least that is according to Mr. McLaughlin on Questions and Answers last night. I was the cinema so did [...]

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