To each cow its calf, to each book its copy

shush, don’t tell anyone right, but I’m ripping off an entire article. Hopefully there won’t be a war and a self imposed exile on this occasion. But Mary Hannigan’s article in today’s Irish Times deserves to be shared: TV View: Lord, it’s so hard to be humble when you’re perfect in almost every sporting way. […]

When is a murder not a crime?

When the IRA do it.
Or at least that is according to Mr. McLaughlin on Questions and Answers last night. I was the cinema so didn’t see it, but according to today’s Irish Times he was

“Asked by the Minister for Justice, Mr McDowell, if he would classify the shooting of Ms McConville as a crime, he said: “I think it was wrong”. Asked again if he thought it was a crime, he replied: “No, I do not”.