Friday Five Mish Mosh

Yes, I am making this a habit. And yes, this habit did start in the new year. But it is in no way a resolution type thing of any shape, variety, colour, creed, species… you get the picture. This weeks questions: 1. favorite cereal and why? – At the moment Weetabix. No particular reason. And […]

Bloody spammers

I’m surely not the only person to have noticed this surge in spam comments? Or more accurately, in trackback spam. Tis annoying so it is. It is Friday today, don’t know if you noticed, I almost didn’t. So yay, weekend time. And it feels more like a Wednesday, which comes from not working Monday and […]

Friday Five

You know I always mean to do these on a Friday, but then I forget and so don’t bother. Well this week, despite the fact that it is now Wed I decided what the hell. I can do a Wed. Five: 1. What does it say in the signature line of your emails? Quote from […]