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The light heart of stone by

The light heart of stone

Book one in the Promise of Stones series. Fox is a young girl growing up on the Stone Body, a land ruled over by the Compionarii. She is a member of an Indiginy tribe. A long time ago the Stone Body was only inhabited by the indiginy peoples, but over one thousand years ago strangers from across the ocean arrived.

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Shaman’s Crossing by

Default fox is the defaults - Image taken from page 40 of 'Travels in Africa during the years 1875-1878 (1879-1883-1882-1886) ... from The British Library

Book #1 The Soldier Son ISBN: 0007196148 RobinHobb.com I remember well the first time I saw the magic of the plainspeople I’m a big fan of Hobb’s Fittz books, so I was looking forward to this coming out in paperback. And despite hearing some bad reviews I think it was a very enjoyable read. Not as good as the Farseer

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