ghosts of vesuvius

Ghosts of Vesuvius

It is hard to blurb this book. On the one hand it is about Vesuvius and volcanic explosions and disasters both natural and man-made. But it is also a book about the origins of the earth, of the universe, and about how precarious our existence is. How so much of what we are today is dependent on natural events a thousand years ago, or a millennia ago, or so long ago that it is almost pointless to count the time because it is so difficult to grasp those sort of numbers.

The Egyptologist

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Journal: Arrival in Cairo via rail from Alexandria. Set to work immediately. Have scheduled five days in Cairo for logistics and background wailting prior to heading south to site

The Egyptologist didn’t really grab me when I started to read it, I’m never a huge fan of first-person narrators, and stories told by a mix of letter and journal can often put me off. But I stayed with it, and was pleasantly surprised.

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The Black Moth

Written for in order to entertain a sick brother this is the first of Heyer’s books and was published when she was 19. She went on to write more than 50 other books. The Black Moth is set in pre Regency England and, although the plot itself is ever so slightly ott, the historical details […]