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Oblivion [based on book by] by , dir. by

Jack is a drone repair man. Before his assignment on earth his memory, and that of his communications officer, was…

Centurion dir. by

Writ & Dir: Neil Marshall

I love and adore Dog Soldiers. And The Decent was pretty damn good too Of course Doomsday was utterly preposterous but you win some, you lose some. And I was still prepared to take a chance on Neil Marshall, especially when the story is about Roman soldiers on the run in the second century. I mean it had to be better than King Arthur, right?

Max Payne dir. by

I knew going to see this film that I’d be disappointed. Was a big fan of the game but I’d…

Hitman dir. by

To be honest I never thought I’d be bothered to see this film. The trailers made it look ridiculous, and…

Rome 1.10 – Triumph dir. by

How better to start an episode than with forgiveness and a threat? As he takes his seat as dictator Caesar…

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