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I am scared of my wife's eyes
–Christy Lefteri - The beekeeper of Aleppo - c.2019

This was chosen by my book club as their next read, I’m not sure I would have picked it up otherwise, although I had heard a lot about it, and all of that was positive.

The beekeeper of Aleppo is about war, refugees, surviving, trauma, and family. It tells the story of Nuri, the beekeeper of the title, and his journey from Syria, through Greece and Europe to England as he tried to find his cousin, and safety.

It is full of the evils that humanity is capable of. But it also features the good. The small details of a family, people helping, people doing their best.

And it is very well written, you really empathise and feel for Nuri and his family. It is a book that makes you want to do something, because surely the rest of the world can at the very least grant asylum and safety to the people fleeing war and violence.

Unfortunately that isn’t how politics works and governments seem far too worried about letting in someone undeserving rather than helping the people that need it.

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