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4 August 2019

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Wayward Children #3

So usually I’ve never have read this without starting at number 1 in the series. But the description says stand alone, and it was on the Hugo shortlist so I said what the hell and started reading.

It is obvious very quickly that it is part of a wider story, and I’m sure I was missing out on loads of references and character moments, but it still works fairly well as a story in and of itself.

The Wayward Children are those who have been through “doors” into other worlds but have found themselves back on regular earth and are longing to return to their real homes.

I enjoyed the story and the characters while I was reading it, but overall felt it a bit okay rather than loved it. However, that is probably because this is 1) a novella, and 2) 3rd in the series, so McGuire couldn’t really introduce all her characters in depth in that space.

So I’m glad I read it, and I do want to read the others in the series, but I’d recommend starting with them and not this one. As makes sense.

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