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4 October 2018

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The Inheritance trilogy ; book 3

Oh my god, you totally need to read this series. It is so awesome and just plain great. Go read it.

Am I overselling it with that? No, no I am not. It is wonderful. Read it.

It is the third book in a trilogy, so really I should be telling you to read the first book. That’s implied, okay. Read The hundred thousand kingdoms and if you don’t love it I just don’t know what to say.

I love the way that the whole series deals with past wrongs, both on a personal level and on a world shattering apocalyptic level. There are the wrongs between lovers, and the wrongs that gods inflict on mortals, and everything in between, and the acknowledgement that even if you are so very very sorry some things are always there. Hurting. Some things people simply can’t get over. But at the same time what is the point of punishment?

If someone is truly deeply sorry for their actions is there any point in punishing them? But if their victims are still in pain, still suffering, how do you expect them to be prepared to see their abuser live whatever life they want?

And on a government/society scale, how guilty are the current generation for the sins of the previous? Can you hold them to account for actions taken before they were born? But once more, how can you possibly just move on when because of those sins the powerful have that power and that influence?

So many big questions and big issues! But don’t worry, it also has just a damn great story and wonderful characters at its heart. If I had four hands I’d give it four thumbs up.

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2 Responses

  1. Andrea J says:

    Such a good series!! yes, ten stars! I love that each book in this series has a different protagonist – you can read it out of order, probably, and still get the gist of it? Imagine reading the 3rd book first, and then the 1st book, what a completely different experience!

    • Fence says:

      That’s very true, you’d have such a different introduction to the characters. I love the way we get all those different perspectives. They’re all true, and yet all so very different.