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16 June 2018

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The best way to see this film is to know nothing in advance. So if you haven’t seen it stop reading now.

Although, in fairness I think that that is good advice for any film, the less you know before seeing it the better. You can always rewatch at a later stage if you think you missed something, but you can never get that first impression back again.

And in the case of horror films I think it is even more important. Because every comment about a film gives away some of the detail, or hints of what may happen. And that leads to waiting for “the big moment” or “the twist” or “the jump”, when it is much better to just watch and have the story unveil itself to you.

I really loved Hereditary. I’ve seen it twice, and I still love it. It is tense and atmospheric and so dark and brooding. Everything is ominous and threatening. You can feel the story oppressing you as you watch. And it is glorious!

The performances are also wonderful, and so believable. Everyone is just perfect in their roles, from the slightly “off” Charlie, to the stoner Peter, to the weary father that is Steven. But it is Toni Colette as Annie that really carries the film. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, but also want to slap her for the emotional damage she was inflicting on her family early on. Inherited damage, passed on from her childhood no doubt.

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So yeah, count me as one of the fans of Hereditary.

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