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5 February 2018

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Bobiverse : book 1

At some point in the near future Bob Johansson decides it is a great idea to freeze his head after his death. Life after death, what could possibly go wrong…

Well, the first thing that goes wrong is that “corpsicles” are declared not to be people. They have no rights and can be bought and sold as property. Also, he has no new body, instead he has been uploaded into a computer and is to be developed into an intersteller AI. Provided he doesn’t have a psychotic break or be declared unfit for purpose and then deleted that is.

This is a fun romp through space. Action packed, it talks about what is it that makes us human, the difference between consciousness and the simulation thereof, and can a computer ever be alive. It never gets too into these topics, they are skimmed over never really explored.

And I’d have to say the same for the characters, the main protagonist, Bob replicates himself into various other AIs over time. The new AIs usually end up being different characters to Bob, or so we are told, to be honest reading from one’s point of view if very much the same as reading from another’s.

But it is an easy to read action packed story, perfect for a bit of light entertainment.

Although, for a story that has at its heart space exploration and the desire to see different world’s and life I have to say that I was very disappointed with the depiction of alien life. It was basically a proto-human, and very gender divided society that Bob encouters. I would have likes some bit of alien and difference, although I guess maybe Taylor wanted to show how life is life no matter where it develops?

I’m not sure if I’ll read the rest in the series but I wouldn’t object if I had to.

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