We are legion (we are Bob)

Bobiverse : book 1 At some point in the near future Bob Johansson decides it is a great idea to freeze his head after his death. Life after death, what could possibly go wrong… Well, the first thing that goes wrong is that “corpsicles” are declared not to be people. They have no rights and […]

Throne of the Crescent Moon

Book one of The Crescent Moon Kingdoms In the city of Dhamsawaat Doctor Abdullah Makhslood is the last real ghul hunter left. He and his assistant Raseed have destroyed many ghuls and the men who created them over the years. But on their latest adventure they come up against more ghuls than any one man […]

Victory of eagles

Author: Naomi Novik
Temeraire series #5

I hesitated before starting this book, wondering if I should reread the others in the series, it has been a while after all. But I have so many books waiting to be read that I decided to jump straight in and hope that it would all come back to me. And it did, almost the second I started reading the first page the whole world of Temeraire came back to me and I remember just how enjoyable these books are.

For those of you who have never read any of these books the first thing you need to know is that they are set in Napoleonic Europe, England. And have dragons. It is like Sharp meets Pern. Only better.

Burn me deadly

Author Alex Bledsoe
An Eddie LaCrosse novel #2

This book takes place around a year, maybe more I can’t recall, after the first one, The sword-edged blonde and since then Eddie and Liz have become a couple. Apart from that nothing much has changed for Eddie. He is still a sword-jockey for hire, and returning one night from a job he almost runs over a blonde woman who is about to mess up his life.


Temeraire - Naomi Novik
ISBN: 0007219113
Book #1 of the Temeraire series, aka His Majesty’s Dragon.
See also: Naomi Novik’s site; Library Thing

William Laurence is Captain of the Reliant, an English ship, fighting the French forces of Napoleon. A few weeks out of the post of Madeira he captures a French frigate, but within the hold lies a far greater prize than the vessel herself, for there is a dragon egg. But before he can celebrate his good luck Laurence learns that the egg is near hatching. And the prize money for a feral dragon will be much reduced from that of an egg. It would also be a loss to the British war effort as they are in sore need of every dragon they can fly, so Captain Laurence decides that one of his officers must attempt to harness the beast. However, the officer chosen by lottery does not succeed, and instead Laurence himself finds the dragon talking to him. This could mean the end of life as he knows it, for all know the aviators, those who fly the dragons are not well thought of. They live apart from the rest of society, and their habits are not those of gentlemen, nor indeed to they have the time to spend with family and friends, for they are constantly needed to control their dragons. But despite this fact, he knows his duty and so accepts his new life as the dragon Temeraire captain.

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