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13 October 2017

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One of the great things about working in a library is that you come across books that you usually would have no reason to really look at. Like children’s books, especially picture books. I don’t think I’ve ever gone browsing the pictures books section of any shop, but I always love looking at them when they come in at work. And Jon Klassen has some wonderful art. If you haven’t read his I want my hat back then I strongly urge you to go look for it. It’s great.

Triangle was illustrated by Klassen & written by Barnett, they have worked together before but I’m not familiar with those works. This however is a delight. Although the tone is strange, and the art seems, I dunno, a little threatening?

It is the story of a triangle who plays a trick on a square and how the square gets him back. On the one hand it is mean, because scaring people isn’t nice, but on the other it is funny, and Square gets his own back. I really liked it.

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