Fates : I bring the fire part 4 by

26 April 2014

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I’m going to say very little about the plot of this book. It is, after all, book four in a series, so you know, spoilers darling.

Fates by C Gockel

Fates by C Gockel

Basically its a mixture of myth, legend, fantasy and action. The series as a whole has mostly been set in Chicago but on this outing we visit a couple of other parts of the Nine Realms. If you’ve read and enjoyed the first few books then this is more of the same.

For the most part I really enjoyed it, but it does feel as though the series is getting a little stretched out rather than developed. That’s why my rating for this has slipped a little, but it is still a really entertaining read. And I will be reading the next book in the series, only problem is that it doesn’t look like it’ll be published until nearer Christmas. That’s months away!

If you haven’t read any of these books don’t be tempted to start with this one, it’ll make no sense. Go back to the beginning and pick up Wolves. It is free. It’s fun and entertaining, and it is a real page-turner. A perfect read for Once Upon a Time reading, if anyone is looking for inspiration.

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