Kong : Skull Island dir. by

21 March 2017

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If you want a monster movie with plenty of action, then Kong: Skull Island delivers the goods. It is a fun, fast paced, action film. It kept me entertained, lots of explosions and monsters battling monsters.

But if you are looking for anything more than that you’d best look elsewhere. Because that’s all there is to this film. It doesn’t have the heart of Peter Jacksons King Kong, but it also isn’t trying to be that film.

I wasn’t too gone on the monster design of Kong himself either, he looks way more Bigfoot-esque rather than gorilla-like. I prefer the big ape version.

I guess that’s my view on this in general, its okay, but I prefer a different approach.

Also, there is a post credit scene, but it is waaaay at the end of all the credits, and isn’t really worth the wait. But knowing it is there sortof means that I had to stay.

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