Captain America : Civil War dir. by ,

4 May 2016

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Political interference in the Avengers’ activities causes a rift between former allies Captain America and Iron Man.

And wasn’t it great? First thing I said after watching it was “let’s watch it again.” And I did, although two days later, not straight away. So yeah, I really enjoyed it. But it is one of those films that to talk about it is to spoil it, so go see the film then read the reviews/thoughts/emotes that other people have.

But totally spoiler free, I would say that, though long, it’s 146 mins, it doesn’t feel long. With Batman v Superman there were huge periods of grim where I was so very bored and waiting for the end, with Civil War there was none of that. It was just entertaining throughout.

And Spiderman was actually entertaining and funny! That certainly was a surprise.

I went in knowing pretty much as little as I could, I had seen the trailer once or twice. And you couldn’t but come across some marketing for it in advance, but I certainly hadn’t picked a “team”1 because I didn’t know the details of what caused the split. And throughout the film there is enough weight given to both characters and their arguments that neither seems to be totally unreasonable. You can see why they both stick to their guns. Show Spoiler ▼

So, now for all the spoilerific feels and thoughts, you’ve been warned!

Show Spoiler ▼

So yeah, in short,4 I loved this film. And I could say so much more, but I’m gonna wait till all you Americans have seen it and started your own emoting and thoughts and respond to them.

  1. okay, I figured I’d be on Team Cap, because Iron Man is often a dick, there is no escape from this fact 

  2. love that film, it’s so much better than it should be 

  3. I also loved Age of Ultron, so boo to all you haters! 

  4. ha!! 

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