Midnight Special dir. by

10 April 2016

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I think that this is a film that it is best to go in to with no idea of what to expect. Therefore, if you haven’t seen the film yet all you need to know is that I really enjoyed it, and now you can stop reading this blog. It isn’t that it would spoil anything, there are no great twists or surprise moments that the film hinges on, simply that I think it is best to know nothing about Midnight Special in advance of watching it. [ref]Yes, I also think this about all films, but it is especially true for this one[/ref]. Therefore if you are reading on, I’m assuming you’ve seen the film, and so don’t need a recap or blurb, right?

Cause I’m crap at those anyway.

I really really really liked the first half of Midnight Special, the first two thirds even. I loved the way the viewer is just there in the film, with no background info-dump, no real exposition, we just have to find out as we watch.

It is wonderfully understated and subtle, but very tense and atmospheric. And it is a beautiful film to watch.

And yet despite how much I enjoyed it I can’t help but feel that it needed something more in the end, not a full explanation, that would have ruined it, but just a little something to really cap off a great film. It is so close to being a great film.

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