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8 August 2015

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Book 1 in the Iron Druid Chronicles

Atticus O’Sullivan is not what he appears to be. He is not 21 years old. He is not American. His name isn’t even Atticus, but when you are trying to keep your real self a secret, both from humanity and from the old Celtic gods then it pays to try to cover your tracks. But Atticus hasn’t covered them enough, he really should have though up a new surname instead of just Anglo-ing it up.

In reality Atticus is Siodhachan O’Suileabhain and he is closer to 21 centuries old. He moved to Arizona to escape the attention of the Irish god of love, Aenghus Óg. But Aenghus now knows where he is and he has started to make his move on Atticus.

I really enjoyed a lot of this book. It is an easy read, full of action that keeps you reading on, and Hearne certainly has put his own twist on the Irish gods and goddesses he uses. I would have no problem in reading more books in this series. The only slightly off-putting thing about the whole book was the wolfhound’s obsession with french poodles. That just came across as weird and, with the final scene, a bit squicky too. I mean, it seemed way too much cartoon-dog ideals mixed with pimping dogs out. Weird.

But that is a minor aspect of the book, the rest of it was more than entertaining, and the characters are interesting and it isn’t enough to overshadow my enjoyment of the story.

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