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2 October 2005

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cover of the Serenity comic #3
Serenity Comics #1-3
ISBN: 1593074492
Set between the end of Firefly and before the Big Damn Movie that is Serenity this story, Those Left Behind, is almost like a TV episode. And sees the return of a baddie from the series along with all our Big Damn Heroes.

Beginning with a robbery gone wrong and a resulting chase scene they story line here works well. The characters are just as we remember them and although we don’t get to hear them the dialogue works perfectly. But the artwork isn’t fantabulous, here and there the characters look a bit funny, but I suppose that may be because they are based on real people and the artists didn’t get to dream them up.

I’m not sure if any new-comers to the ‘verse would be able to figure out who was who, or whats the deal with these characters. We pretty much jump straight into the action and there isn’t a lot of exposition. Not that I minded though.

Overall, they were enjoyable enough. But I would have preferred to see this as an actual episode. Still, it does provide a lot of info for the film. Like the reasoning behind Book’s leaving the ship. From the very first episode (the original pilot) we knew that Book had certain reservations about Serenity and his role there, here we see him worrying about where he is headed if he stays on board. A hint that he wasn’t all likeable in the past perhaps?

We also get to see the introduction of The Operative!

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