John Wick dir. by ,

8 February 2015

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John Wick’s wife has just died. But its okay, she’s left him the gift of a puppy so that he’ll still have something to love. Because that what he needs, you see, something to love. But that something gets taken from him when Russian mobsters break into his house to steal his car, and while there, Show Spoiler ▼

And Wick is not a regular Joe. He used to work for the Russian mob. He was the man you called when you wanted the Bogeyman murdered. He is a hitman. And this time its personal.

I think you can probably gather from that little recap that I didn’t enjoy this film. If that’s what you thought then you’d be right. It is boring and predictable and why exactly am I supposed to be on the side of a murderer? Is it because his puppy got killed. Yeah, okay, bad dudes, but I think that in the grand scheme of things Wick is just as bad. Just because he fell in love and got out of the business doesn’t mean he is, by any stretch of the imagination, a good guy. I don’t care what happens to him. I don’t.

First of all the filmmakers fridge his wife. I’m guessing she was only ever a part of Wick’s story so that he’d be out of the mob, she gets a couple of lines, but she isn’t a character. Show Spoiler ▼

Not working for me I’m afraid.

And the rest of the film? Just one long fight. Blah blah blah, gunshots, knife wounds, fisticuffs.

All done very well, I have to say, and the film looks good. But I need a story and characters. Either one actually would have been a vast improvement on this film.

Then again, if you like your fight films then you’ll probably love this.

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