The girl with the dragon tattoo [adaptation] by dir. by

The girl with thedragon tattoo


  1. I've read all the books and seen the Swedish films. The books were slow to start off with, setting scene etc but as soon as Lisbeth gets introduced, it all gets very interesting. I enjoyed the books more than I did the films only because you get to understand Lisbeth more in the books. I intend to watch the Daniel Craig version because of Daniel Craig :-)
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  2. I haven't seen the new version, nor read the books, but I strongly urge you to see the Swedish films if you possibly can! They are amazing, especially Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth, and I really really like the lead actor, Michael Nyqvist, too. These films are also very violent and sexually graphic, but it doesn't seem gratuitous; it seems necessary, so we can see the depth of Lisbeth's pain, as well as her passion, since she hardly speaks at all. In fact, they're remarkably quiet movies (which I like :). We just finished watching The Girl Who Played with Fire and are taking a break before watching the last one, Hornet's Nest. They're really SO good.
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    1. I actually just picked up the three Swedish version at the weekend. With over 2 hours of never before seen in English material. When I get around to watching them, well, that's a totally different issue :)
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