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  1. I really liked this thoughtful post, Fence. I agree with you about the past, and set aside time as often as I can to contemplate my past experiences (even if they're only yesterday's) so I can learn what they are meant to teach me in the present, to help me grow. I think it's very important.

    Unfortunately, there's no sign of this book in either of the library systems I use! (I have cards for two counties.) That's the problem with some of the books you review-they sound interesting, but don't seem to be available in the States! Bum. Could you make them seem less appealing? Thanks. :)
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Them krazy kinfokes

    1. I'll try to read dull books from now on :)

      This has just been published over here, and in August in the states, it is possible that your local library, or one of them, has it on order but it hasn't been processed yet? I know that it can often be a month or two before some of our orders come in, so you'd never know…
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