Goodnight Nobody by

16 March 2006

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ISBN: 0743468953

“Hello?” I tapped on Kitty Cavanaugh’s red front door, then lifted the brass knocker and gave it a few thumps for good measure.

This was a good enjoyable read, chick lit, but with a little extra.
Kate Klein doesn’t fit into the world of immaculate suburban housewives. But when one is murdered, and she discovers the body, she is pulled into the investigation. And then there is the old flame back in her life, you know, the one she never really got over.

This is sort of Desperate Housewives meets the detective novel. And it is probably the first US chick lit that I’ve read, and the world seems very different than the chick lit world’s in British and irish books. Then again, I haven’t read a whole lot of those either, so maybe I just haven’t read the right ones.

Nicely written and well paced, this will keep you interested, but all in all I felt that this was lacking something. There is quite a bit about how life as a mom has changed Kate from whomever she was into this nobody, who does nothing but look after her children. How she isn’t quite sure how she ended up in this position but that she is more than just a mother. However, I think that the book would have been better served if the peripheral characters were more developed. As is, they are there only to serve the purpose of the story, and are not individuals in their own right.

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2 Responses

  1. Heather says:

    I think Good In Bed is my absolute favorite by her….actually I think they go in order for me, with In Her Shoes next, then Little Earthquakes, and finally Goodnight Nobody. I hope that doesn't mean she's going downhill… :/

  2. Andi says:

    And I've actually heard this is the least fabulous of Weiner's fiction. I've read all but this book, and I'd say In Her Shoes and Good in Bed are the best. Try those if you ever get the chance.