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My reaction to the two matches

My reaction to the two matches

Well the rugby was not so nice this weekend. I missed the start of the Wales v Scotland game, but was delighted to find out how well the Scots were doing. Until the end. Damn! that’s a hard terrible way to lose a game. Wales should count themselves very very lucky. Personally I’ll be shouting for their opposition in pretty much every match from here on. People of Scotland, you have my sympathy.

Course I also demand yours after the France Ireland game. Urgh is my well thought out and balanced report on that game.

Le sigh.

I didn’t watch the England Italy game. Himself isn’t a rugby fan so I didn’t think it fair to inflict 3 games in one weekend on him. And of them all I figured that wouldn’t be the prettiest. I have heard that Italy did a good job but England won it in the end. As expected really.

In much happier news I recently bought the British tv show Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace[1] and it is quite possibly the best spoof 80s horror show I’ve ever seen. Was in fits laughing from the very start.

Unfortunately there are only 6 episodes, and I’ve now watched them all :( Still have to watch them with the commentaries though, and they’re supposed to be great, done in character and everything. Here’s a taster:

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