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16 February 2009

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“That’s pathetic, Yelena,” Dax compained. “An all-powerful Soulfinder who isn’t all-powerful. Where’s the fun in that?”

This is the third book to star Yelana Zaltana as its heroine. And, as I am still reading them, I’m still enjoying learning her story. Way back in book one she was a lowly food-taster, condemned to death for murder, but over the course of the other two books she has come a long way, so if you haven’t read them this review will spoil some of the developments for you. But then again, by knowing that there is a 3rd book you already know she didn’t die at the end of the first book. Or do you… maybe her ghost is telling the story.

If you have read the previous two books, well, then you’ll already know that she isn’t a ghost telling a story. Though that would be kinda cool. If it was done well.

Back to the book.
I did like Yelana, a lot, in the first book. Not quite so much in the second, and the same in this one. Maybe the book just isn’t as tightly written as it could be, I’m not exactly sure what isn’t as good as it was. I guess I just found some things a little too contrived. The distancing herself from others for example seemed a bit forced in there. It could have worked, it is something that would fit with the character, but it just didn’t ring through for me while I was reading it.

That being said I did still enjoy the book. And if you’ve read and enjoyed the first one there is no reason you wouldn’t enjoy this either. It is a quick entertaining read. It isn’t grand high literature, but who wants that when you are settling in to enjoy a nice adventure of a story?

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6 Responses

  1. Harlequin says:

    Hey, I read the first of these a few weeks ago. It came free on Bisley. Interesting but I wouldn't have bent over backwards to read the sequels. If I didn't have a TBR pile two feet high (virtual feet, since most of it is ebooks), I'd probably borrow. Maybe in a few months.

  2. weenie says:

    The first book is on my to read list but as I've not found it in my local library – may have to reserve it I guess. Like Harlequin, have a load to read – so little time to do it!

  3. I couldn't read the whole post because I haven't finished book 2. I did want to say that I really enjoyed book 1, though.

  4. jean pierre says:

    this sounds like the kind of thing that my wife would like – she likes philippa gregory and that sort of thing.

    its annoying when an author does that – loses their grip on the reins in later novels.

  5. Fence says:

    Harlequin – I thought the first one was well written. Nothing life-altering, but the second one was on offer a while ago, and this was half-price which is part of the reason I picked them up.

    weenie – thats a constant problem :)

    NumberOneNovels – The first was the best. Defo.

    JP – Never read any of Gregory's books, so can't say if this is like it.

  6. weenie says:

    Sorry for the off topicness Fence but re the myfootballclub thing, it's possible to pay quarterly now – that's how I'm funding it! Still in the cup after yesterday's draw!