Brass monkey

10 January 2008

Jayzis its freezing. I’m so very very cold. There is the possibility I’ve been shot and this is all the blood draining out of my body… but then again, maybe Westerns got it wrong and Kevin from Eastenders was right, with his talk of warmth and brightness in his death scene. Who knows.

More importantly who cares.

The thing to keep in mind is that I am freezing. The heating at work is shiter than shite. And so I am freezing.

I don’t think I have it quite as bad as Alan, but then again, he does have six heaters, so who is he to complain. What have I got? A crappy air conditioning thingy that is supposed to be heating up the room to 29 degrees. And yet I’m so cold I can’t type. Yeah, yeah, I’ve just typed this, but seriously, it has taken me three hours of non-stop painstaking work with many pauses in between striking the keys in order to do that cup your hands and blow in to them thingy that has no real effect at all.

Look for me again when the spring returns and my hands thaw out.

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7 Responses

  1. The cold has been awful but not quite as bad as the rain up to today. After three nights in a row, the joy of getting changed back into rain-soaked wet clothes after a nice hot shower in the gym has really struck home. But yeah, cold in the workplace sucks majorly. Especially when you work in a library where you can't drink coffee to sustain blood warmth.

  2. kyknoord says:

    At least you're freezing for a good cause. "Shiter than shite" has to be the phrase of the week.

  3. anne says:

    Fence. You're in a library. Start a fire!

  4. Fence says:

    @ TGWAOF : the rain this week! My god it has been shocking. Luckily I've managed to avoid actually being out in it, and was offered a lift when I was wandering around after work waiting for it to stop (not that it did), so I shouldn't really complain.

    @ kyknoord : It is a favourite of mine.

    @ anne : Is it at all surprising to you that I actually have considered that?

  5. livewire says:

    But just think, you might actually work up a bit of heat by typing… all that energy you'd be expending may be just the thing you need to keep warm. Especially if you type quickly! ;)

  6. jean pierre says:


    i really love the bit of you thinking you've have been shot and the and all the blood has drained out of your body…! :D

    not that its funny.

    but it is.

  7. Harlequin says:

    What's going on Fence? You've deprived us of your blogonese sauce for a week now! Where are you? Unscheduled blog holiday? :-)