Death at a Funeral dir. by

12 November 2007

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You never quite know what to hope for when you go to see a so-called black comedy/farce. I mean, the trailers might give you an idea of some of better moments, but you just don’t know whether the whole thing will work. Especially when the setting for the “hilarious hijinks” is a funeral. Happily, Death at a Funeral does indeed work.

The set-up is quite simple, Daniel’s dad died and they are holding the funeral ceremony at the family home, and of course all sorts of relatives and friends show up. The day doesn’t get off to the best of starts when the undertakers bring the wrong body. Luckily Daniel notices this and sends them back before the ceremony begins. But things aren’t about to get any better; his cousin’s fiancee shows up off his head on acid, a “short” stranger attempts to blackmail the family because of the relationship he enjoyed with Daniel’s father, and there is also the fact that Daniel and his successful author brother have issues.

It isn’t the most outstanding film you’ll see, but it has plenty of laugh out loud moments, and a few in which I really hope you aren’t eating chocolate.

Star of the show has to be Alan Tudyk. His performance as the accidentally high Simon is one to just sit back and enjoy.

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