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19 May 2007

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In the tender green time of April, Katherine set forth at last upon her journey with the two nuns and the royal messenger.

The Katherine of the title starts out this book as an orphan, raised by nuns, but heading off to the royal court at the whim of the queen. There she becomes betrothed to Hugh Swynford; she also meets the Duke of Lancaster, John of Gaunt. And it is John that she falls in love with, although at first he seems to dislike her.

Up until last night I would have said that I didn’t really like this book, mainly because I didn’t like the character of Katherine, but she undergoes a bit of a transformation in the final few chapters, and while I still can’t say that I like her all that much, she does improve. Course I could have enjoyed it even if I disliked Katherine had there been other characters to interest me, but to be honest there weren’t. None were terrible, and while I was reading I was interested, it just didn’t make me want to read more about any of them.

It is very detailed and seems accurate. I can’t really say as I seem to have forgotten everything I once knew about this period in history. I’d even forgotten about the peasant’s revolt despite studing this at college, oops.

Overall this is an okay read, but I didn’t find anything in it that stood out as being fantastic.

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2 Responses

  1. Nancy says:

    Don't you just hate being unsatisfied after reading a book? Sounds like that is what this book was….

  2. Fence says:

    That'd be about right Nancy, unsatisfying.