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5 January 2018

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Polly and the Puffin ; book 3

I haven’t read any of the others in this series, but if they are all like this then they are cute little stories about a girl and her puffin, with lovely illustrations. I’d say they are suitable for either reading aloud to children, or for children who are starting to read.

Part of the cover image of The new friend by Jenny Colgan, features two girls one holding a puffin the other a parrot.

The new friend by Jenny Colgarn

This one deals with Polly as she starts school and has to deal with all the changes that brings. She isn’t too happy about it at first, and doesn’t have a great experience at first. But she learns as she goes, so it might help soothe some children’s anxieties if they are worried about what school life will bring.

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