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12 May 2007

While waiting eagerly[1] for the Eurovision[2] to begin earlier today I was flicking between Remarkable Vets[3] and The Culture Show[4] Neither were all that good or gripping, but I’d already watched American Idol[5] so my expectations weren’t too high[6] The Culture Show had some entertaining segments, like how Tom & Jerry inspired a classical pianist when he was only 2, that sort of rubbish, but then it also had a segment giving out about the various crap shows[7] that go to make up much of the television schedule. You know, that who will star in this musical, the Beeb are trying to find Joseph while ITV are looking for a Sandra and a Danny for Grease. Neither of these reality shows is much good. I’ve seen a grand total of part of Grease is the Word and I wasn’t impressed, but you know what my solution to this was? Yup, I didn’t watch it again[8]

Now I can appreciate that this TV critic dude[9] has to watch television as part of his job, but can’t he simply say that this or that is shite and explain why without being reduced to insulting people? I’ve no problem with making bitchy comments about people on the telly[10] But making those comments while on telly yourself is just mean and nasty[11] Especially considering that these people[12] are never going to be famous, and that the shows are exploiting them. Plus there is nothing really offensive about any of them. So taking cheap shots at them just doesn’t seem fair to me. It isn’t as if they have any way to reply to the accusation that they are “real people” and so aren’t glamorous.

And yes, the whole notion of having the Josephs parade around in their loincloths in front of their mothers was odd[13] but, if you[14] actually engaged your brain you might have figured out that they’ll have to wear those on stage if they make it, and what better way to see how they react[15] than by surprising them like that?

I wouldn’t have minded if yer man had been funny with it, because that can be laughed off, but he wasn’t. Trying, yes, he was trying to be humorous. Didn’t succeed though.

I do appreciate Mr. Critic’s view that reality TV is shite, but shouldn’t you give out about the people who are entertained by these mindless drivel rather than by the performers themselves? Can’t you just not watch it, make no mention of it, stop feeding the publicity machine, and maybe they’ll fade away. And if they don’t, stop moaning, television is about providing entertainment, and if people are entertained by shite then that is what they’ll get. When will people cop on to the fact that if you don’t like watching something you do have the option of turning off the telly? No one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to sit on your coach staring at that magic box in the corner. If you don’t like the show turn over; if you don’t like any of the shows turn it off and fucking do something else[16]


  1. do I lie?
  2. Cover your ears
  3. Nat Geo Wile show
  4. BBC show
  5. Blake shoulda gone, he was crap
  6. or non-existent
  7. like Idol
  8. – yes, I am aware that I watched Idol and it is exactly the same type of show, thank you
  9. I cant remember his name
  10. espeically Idol and X Factor auditions
  11. rather than behind their back, hmmm, not sure this makes sense
  12. the musical wannabes, obviously Idol peoples may
  13. and freaky and strange and disturbing
  14. you the critic dude, not you the blog reader
  15. Good lord, do you realise that I am defending a shite reality show, what has the world come to
  16. – reminding me of this at a later stage will not prevent me from moaning and giving our when I find nothing to watch and end up flicking for years

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8 Responses

  1. Harlequin says:

    You shoulda put a swear warning up. I don't fucking read your fucking site for this kind of fucking language.

    I just watched the UK entry on the Eurovision (I missed the Irish one due to HAVING to watch ancient Friends repeats…) and I am gobsmacked. It was disgustingly awful. Nothing but pathetic. Beyond shite.

  2. she says:

    You've been tagged for the "8 random things" meme. Enjoy

  3. Harlequin says:

    Well, that was an embarassing result. Five points. Last place. And worst of all, behind the appalling UK song. Jesus.

  4. Fence says:

    We deserved less H. Okay, I didn't watch much of it, but I defy any song to be less deserving of anything than that whiney, moany, faux-oirish song that yer wan from Dervish warbled annoyingly through.

    I'll get right on it She.

  5. Harlequin says:

    Well, I only watched three songs and not ours but still, the UK song was horrific. If we actually deserved to do worse than them, tis probably just as well I didn't watch our song!

  6. weenie says:

    The UK entry was horrific but was by no means the worse song in the competition. I didn't catch the Irish entry so couldn't say if that was any better or worse.

    I did fully expect us to get the celebrated 'null points' so was a tad annoyed when Malta awarded us 12 points…WTF! LOL! :)

  7. Fence says:

    We gave you 7, or something. And you lot gave us nothing. Nothing, or so I heard someone rant ;)

  8. Harlequin says:

    Yep, the Albanians were the only fools to give us owt. And they had a jury system. The only ones who had or some such nonsense.