Veronica Mars – Season 2

13 May 2006

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Season 1 of Veronica Mars was a pretty good example of the perfect season. Once that first episode started it gripped you and you wanted to watch straight through. And when it ended there was uncertainty over it being picked up again, so there were aspects of that final episode that were left open, you could choose who was at the door if it never made it back.

spoilers below

But it did get a second season, and so it was revealed that it was Show Spoiler ▼

at the door.

But the first half of this season never really got going properly. Yes there was the mystery of the bus crash, but it wasn’t as important to me as Lilli’s death in the first season. But mid point in the season it really took off again. I’m not sure exactly when. Some people might suggest the episode Donut Run, when Show Spoiler ▼

but I’m not too sure. That was a turning point in that Show Spoiler ▼

was out of the picture, and now the door was wide open for Show Spoiler ▼

but that episode, and whole storyline seemed a bit sloppy to me. Surely Show Spoiler ▼

Maybe it was the episode Aint No Magic Mountain High Enough when we get to see Logan go all sweet and luvvy dovey Show Spoiler ▼

Plots within plots.

And then there is the Lilly Kane murder trial. Show Spoiler ▼

but it was a great storyline to bring back.

I could bring up other issues, like the Show Spoiler ▼

or the return of Show Spoiler ▼

, altogether this started slow, but the reason raised its game more than enough to make up for that. And rewatching will probably help.

Final episode: Show Spoiler ▼

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