The Chronicles of Narnia: TLTW&TW [based on book] by dir. by


  1. Given a few days reflection on the movie and memories of the books I have to say that I agree with the majority of your opinions on this. I think the only area I slightly disagree on is concerning Aslan but I see your point.

    I would've really liked to see Aslan's conversations with the various members of the Pevensie family. Those are very emotionally powerful moments in the book and they are completely lost here. I don't feel like enough was done to establish how majestic Alsan really is and so the sacrifice scene just didn't have the emotional impact it needed to have.

    I think that in trying to film a movie in which they showed just enough of the allegory to satifsy religious groups and kept out just enough to satifsfy the non-religious they ended up watering down the spirit of the movie greatly. Although the majority of the story can stand on its own as a children's fantasy tale there is no denying Lewis's allegorical ties and I don't quite understand (other than Disney wanting to cash in after it passed up LOTR) why anyone would want to make a cinematic version of the movie and only half heartedly address the themes the book promotes. The best negative review I've read is on (click on the movies tab). While enjoying the movie I agree with alot of his (and like I said your) points.

    Serenity was one of the few movies I saw this year that I wanted to turn around and go right back into the theatre. I miss having movie experiences like that. I can't imagine seeing this again in the theatre and I won't buy it but I will probably check it out when it comes out on DVD.

  2. Fence

    That is a pretty good review (and I like the rest of the site too), but perhaps a tad too negative. Although I do agree with the point about Aslan growling at Lucy to "do her job" because in the book it was a great moment.

    And yes, Serenity was the only film that I came out of and instantly wanted to go back and see. Although, maybe King Kong will be the same way.

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