Taken out of context I must seem so strange.


So various peoples have been doing that “weird habit meme” thing, and it turns out that quite a few people like to keep their books in almost pristine condition. Now the question I must therefore pose to you is this; does that mean that their habits are not in fact weird, but the norm, and my preference for “well-thumbed” paperbacks is the weird one?

Crane with Christmas Lights

Crane with Christmas Lights,
originally uploaded by Ms. Jen.

Crane-owners of dublin (or operators/drivers or whatever you are called), what is the deal with the lack of decorations this year? I’ve only seen one or two cranes done up with lights. And none with Santa, or raindeer. What’s going on? It isn’t christmas until the Budweiser ad[1] has been on and the city is flooded with lit up cranes.

We’ve had the Bud adverts for a while now, so now it is the cranes turn.

In more serious news, today (20th Dec) is usually the wort day for traffic fatalities in Ireland. So drive carefully and watch out for shoppers.


  1. you know the one, with the 8 horses, and the tree on top of the carraige-thing, and the wishing you are yours the very best this holiday season

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