Just ’cause you got chains doesn’t mean it’s S&M. Might just be snow tires, fer crissakes.

25 November 2005

Well I’m still away, but in order to entertain you masses I give you a collection of random links:

  • SlashDigg.com all the nerdy news out there.
  • The Sawyer Song and don’t worry, no Lost spoilers.
  • SFX forum for all your sci-fi/fantasy chatting. Check out there movie section which has two big ole threads on Serenity, why it is great, and why it bombed[1]
  • CummingFirst should really think about that url[2] And don’t worry, it is totally safe for work.
  • Bud White A post over on The Sheila Variations all about Russell Crowe’s character in LA Confiential

And if I don’t return, blame the weather:
Issuing a severe weather warning yesterday, Met Éireann said counties Donegal, Mayo, Leitrim, Sligo and parts of Cavan are likely to experience the worst of the cold weather. (subs req’d)
Course a cold snap in Ireland is probably nothing in comparison to a cold snap in say Siberia. But still. Snow! w00t and other exclamations.


  1. although I do not think it really did bomb
  2. maybe I’m just dirty-minded

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2 Responses

  1. j_yates_uk says:

    'Love' that Sawyer song…

  2. Fence says:

    it is great isn't it? There are a few others with exactly the same tune, a Dr. Who one and a llama one. I prefer this though