Bombón (el perro) dir. by

21 July 2005

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Bombón (elperro)

Set in Patagonia is this the story of an unemployed mechanic (Villegas) who is given a dog as reward for a good deed. This dog, Bombón Le Chein is a pedigree dogo, and the son of champions. He immediately gets Villegas noticed, and soon the opportunity to show the dog arises.

It is a simple story, and Villegas does really well at looking out of place and uncertain for many scenes. The opening scene shows him trying to sell his hand-carved knives, with little success. The market has been flooded with cheap knives from Brazil we are informed later.

The plot is uncomplicated, just a man and a dog and his attempts to make some money. But it is that simplicity that is at the heart of the film. There are no great twists or double-crossing characters, nothing to distract from Villegas and his story, and that of his dog.

In a strange way, there is almost nothing to this film, but it is still very enjoyable.

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