Today is a good day…

10 February 2004


First off 24 is back! Do a little dance – Get down tonight. I do love 24, here’s hoping it is as great as Day 2, because (oh shame) I still haven’t managed to see Day 1. Still means I have something to look forward to don’t it? And I have no idea what is on that site coz it’s only gone 2pm in Ireland whereas it is 1am in the US, and I intend to avoid the spoilers.

Second of all I finally managed to put my Michael J Sheehy CDs on the puter so I can listen and srf at the same time. (No I don’t know why it took me so long).

And finally; TG4 are starting Nip/Tuck this week. And they already show Carnivale. Yeah for good TV

Okay, those are the reasons it is a good day. On a side note came across this story via Neil Gaiman’s journal (tell me you’ve already visited)

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