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16 September 2007

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  1. The Bone Doll’s Twin
  2. The Hidden Warrior
  3. The Oracle’s Queen

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As always the problem with reviewing a series of books is that you might give away plot points by accident, so I’m not really going to mention the plot at all.

Image of The Oracle's QueenIn many ways this is fairly typical “epic” fantasy. We have a chosen one prophesied to save the world. Or at least on country. Evil usurpers in power not the rightful monarch. And of course the quest to regain the throne. But despite that aspect is actually quite a good read. Flewelling has her own twist on the cliché that makes it much more entertaining and interesting than others that follow the same general plot. Plus her characters actually have shades of grey, not just the black and white that makes going into battle against the evil ones so much easier for our heroes.

I really liked the gender twist. And the problems that Tobin/Tamir faced were well-written. Plus it made for a fresh take on the whole romance side of the book. But overall none of the characters really leapt off the page for me.

I was interested, but never really gripped by the plot either, so I’d have to say that it was an average enough read. Nothing I’d recommend to anyone.

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