October in the chair (Fragile things group read, week 1)

This is a story in a story, in a book of stories. Welcome to meta-ness :)

The story opens with the 12 months meeting up. And October is this meeting’s chair, hence the title. The months talk a little among themselves, and then begin what seems to be their tradition of telling each other stories. Only they’ve already heard what September begins to tell them, and then it is June’s turn. But then comes the main story, October’s one. A story about a boy, the youngest, the Runt, in the family, and his older brothers who bully him. So he decides to run away, maybe as far as the sea. But along the way he rests near an abandoned house, and that night he meets another boy. A boy called Dearly, a boy who can’t read his other name any more.

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Memory believes before knowing remembers. Believes longer than recollects, longer than knowing even wonders

Well, that is the end of summer, August, and so Autumn is here. I don’t know if we can complain, we had a lovely June. July was, well, rainy and wet. But one month of sun isn’t too shabby, especially considering that I took my holidays in June and so got the benefit. And for […]