What is the Fiction of Relationship

introductory essay, 75 – 100 words

Let us take the relationship between two people; on the one hand there is a clear bond between them. Their interactions can be measured and quantified. Their behaviours can be observed. Relationships, however, involve more than acts. They are built on feelings and thoughts. Both parties believe they know what the other party is thinking, what their emotions are. This, in essence, is a fabrication, for we can never truly know another person. We can speculate, and we may even be correct, but the truth is that we create the other person, just as an author creates a character. We ascribe a reason to their acts, we believe that we empathise and understand their emotions, but we can never know that for a fact. The fiction of relationship is that a true understanding exists. It is a lie we tell ourselves to help make life more enjoyable.

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