Elysium dir. Neill Blomkamp

Elysium dir. by

In 2154 the rich and privileged have abandoned Earth and now live happily ever after on a space habitat, Elysium. There all your illnesses can be healed, and Jodie Foster runs the defence. I’m not quite sure what the people who...

Inside Man

Inside Man dir. by

You know Clive Owen is an actor that puzzles me. I always think that he could do a lot better than the films I’ve seen him in. King Arthur was a piece of piss, although it looked great. His part of...

The Briar King

The Briar King by

ISBN:0330419455 # 1 in the Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone series Picked this up because it is the Jan. read for Fantasy Favorites. unfortunately it is book one in a series that, as of yet, doesn’t seem to be completed. Ah...