Brand new “facts about me”

I never really got around to updating my original 101 facts about me page. Some of them still apply. Other don’t. But people have left comments so I’d feel bad just deleting them, so instead I present to you some brand new[1] facts!!

Aren’t you excited?

  1. I have archives on this site going back to 2003! And that’s just what I figured out how to import. I was around online before that! My gods, I am old
  2. In internet terms, not in real life.
  3. And definitely not in maturity terms. I’m still, I dunno, 24 in that.
  4. I always have trouble with spelling the word definitely. But that’s twice now that I’ve typed it and haven’t gotten a red line underneath telling me my spelling sucks.
  5. Course sometimes it isn’t my spelling, but my dictionary that sucks. I mean blog is so a real word.
  6. Yes, I should just right-click and add to dictionary, but whatevs!
  7. My name is neither Fence nor Susan.
  8. I sometimes toy with the idea of not using Fence any more.
  9. But then I think how annoying it would be to have to change all those user profiles and emails and whatnots. So I don’t bother. I’m Fence all over the web-world
  10. Apart from Twitter, where I’m Ecnef. Which is way cooler than Fence.
  11. And the Susan bit comes from a Terry Pratchett quote.
  12. It isn’t mean to say that literature is a bad thing. To me it simply means that a good book is a good book is a good book. And if you enjoy it then it is a good book, no matter the label other people might apply to it.
  13. That’s pretty much my philosophy of life; if you enjoy it then do it.
  14. You know, once you don’t enjoy killing people, cause that’s just wrong.
  15. So I guess there are some absolutes in the world. Interesting…
  16. But mostly I think that my worldview is a fluid sorta thing.
  17. I’m willing to listen to your point of view with regard to most things.
  18. I’ll most likely argue the other side though.
  19. Not because I disagree with you, necessarily. Just because how a person deals with someone disagreeing with them tells you a lot about them.
  20. And also because it can be fun to annoy people.
  21. But not to extent of trolling or flaming. That’s just irritating.
  22. I often don’t turn the telly on
  23. But that’s fine, because I have telly on the interwebs! which is the best invention ever!
  24. I love the fact that I can watch How I Met Your Mother or Glee whenever I want. And it isn’t stealing because I buy box sets too! So nyah!
  25. I’m engaged
  26. Which is still a bit odd. Not in a bad way, just strange, because I never really thought I’d get married.
  27. Mainly because it isn’t a big deal to me. Apart from the tax & legal issues. Which aren’t really the reasons people get married, usually. It’s usually for the romantic “declare their love” sorta reason. Or something.
  28. I never ever ever want to have a wedding.
  29. By which I mean the church deal, and the meal, and the white dress, and the walking down the aisle[2] and the whole big day out thing. It’s not that I object to it, and have really enjoyed all the weddings I’ve been to, its just not my bag baby.
  30. Also don’t want children. Apart from the sort I can give back to their real parents.
  31. Luckily himself seems to agree with this. So we’re all good there.
  32. I no longer work in a college library.
  33. In fact I rarely deal with the public any more. Which is good in that people are crazy. But bad in that interaction with crazy people can be fun ;)
  34. I do still work in a library though.
  35. It’s great. Because I get to steal books all the time.
  36. Which is terrible, as I’m constantly tempted to pick “just one more up” and then I end up with a pile on the kitchen table that I really really have to read so I can bring back.
  37. When I review books & films on this site my ratings usually reflect how much I’ve enjoyed the book/film. There is no objectivity there.
  38. I have, however, become harder to please. And have noticed that this year I’m less likely to give 8 stars than I was last year. 6s and 7s are where its at, unless something was really great.
  39. I will read or watch pretty much anything[3] Or at least I’ll give it a go. If I don’t like it I’ll toss it, but I’ll risk the same genre again. Because, for me, its about that particular story, rather than the others that may, or may not, be similar.
  40. Congratulations on making it this far. You can find out many more things about me by checking out the I am tag, which I’ve used on all those personality type quizzes. Bored yet?


  1. facts may not, in fact, be new
  2. which is not, in fact, an aisle. They walk up the nave. And yes I googled to confirm that
  3. but not stuff like snuff films and any more books by Laurel K Hamilton. Ive learned my lesson with her vampire porn series

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  1. Colum Farrelly says:

    I have just fallen into your site after a bit of googling – was checking the 'Susan hated Literature' quote for a letter to the Irish Times.

    I am writing to let you know how entertained I am by your musings. Indeed I think I'll settle down now in front of the fire and wander through the archive.

    And I you think You are old… well, you should see things from this head.

    Best Wishes,


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