101 (updated) facts about me

I used to have one of those 100 facts[1] about me pages. but I can’t find it. So I’ll give it another go. But I prefer the number 101. This is a work in progress. More will be added when i feel like it.

  1. I’m Aquarius
  2. I don’t know I mentioned that, as I never read my star sign. And think astrology is pointless.
  3. Astronomy on the other hand is quite cool.
  4. I’m a librarian.
  5. But I don’t mind if my own books look a bit tatty. A broken spine is the sign of a well read novel.
  6. But damaging books that aren’t yours is very bad form.
  7. Bad form ;) I’m not sure why I used that phrase.
  8. I’m Irish.
  9. And despite my complaints about the rain I actually enjoy our weather
  10. If I do moan about something it usually means it doesn’t bother me. But griping is a fun past-time.
  11. I’m not a tomosexual
  12. I have five brothers
  13. For many years I was the only girl in the family
  14. But I now have one sister
  15. All the siblings save one are younger than me
  16. I was born in Dublin. And I live here now
  17. I lived in Sligo for most of my life
  18. I refuse to listen to James Blunt
  19. But I’ll listen to pretty much anything else, musicwise
  20. Despite having two perfectly good mp3 players, I still want a shiny new one I got my shiny new one.
  21. One of my mp3 players is called Norman. He’s used more for storage nowadays, as he is as big as a cd-walkman and bulkier.
  22. The other mp3 player is called Jean, and I use her most days as she’ll fit in the smallest of pockets.
  23. The newest one is lacking a name. Its just Zen. Which’ll do.
  24. I tend to name random objects
  25. Like my laptop is called Pavlov
  26. I want a new laptop too. I’ve just ordered my new laptop.
  27. I think I need to win the lotto
  28. If only to pay for all the new books I want to buy. And the shelves to put them on. And the house to house them
  29. I’m a serial obsessionist
  30. The current obsession is Rugby
  31. Supporting-wise, I’ll cheer for Ireland more than one of the provinces.
  32. Then Connacht. Despite the fact that we’ll never get anywhere.
  33. Then Munster. Cause that is where de mudder is from, and I spent many many summers holidaying with family there.
  34. Then Leinster. Cause I was born there. And live here now.
  35. Then Ulster, cause I …erm, know people who live there
  36. And Firefly/Serenity. Cause that one will never die
  37. but Veronica Mars is pretty good too
  38. And despite the fact that it follows a bit too much of a set formula at the moment House is very entertaining
  39. But the character House himself isn’t sexy to me. I mean, he’s Wooster! You know
  40. I probably watch too much tv
  41. But that won’t stop me watching more
  42. I used to read a book a day
  43. But the internet eats so much reading time that it is more like a book a week at this stage
  44. I’m very bad at picking a favourite anything. I tend to have lists. And usually I’ll forget someone who should be on that list
  45. Despite that last fact, my favourite authors include Mary Gentle, Robin Hobb and JRR Tolkien
  46. As you may have guessed from that little list[2] I like to read sci-fi and fantasy books.
  47. I’ll read anything. But fantasy is probably my favourite genre
  48. But I don’t really like to categorise. There is too much exclusion in categories
  49. I’ve recently amalgamated my two main blogs into this one. No more PrettyCunning.net
  50. But I still have the sports blog, On The Ditch totally seperate.
  51. I use Firefox as my browser of choice.
  52. I’m pretty self-taught when it comes to html and css, but I can usually figure stuff out.
  53. But I’m far from a computer expert
  54. All that technical terminology makes me switch off and pay no attention. I mean I know that usually big numbers mean good things though, but I couldn’t tell you about processor speeds and whatnot
  55. I leave all that sort of thing to B #1, and then take his advice
  56. I’m not the most trusting of people
  57. But at the same time I take people at face value.
  58. So I trust people, but I don’t. If that makes sense?
  59. I tend to think that people don’t have to make sense. Logic sense that is. Sure it’d make people easier to figure out. But less interesting.
  60. You know, they way that people can hold two opposing viewpoints in their head at the same time, and not explode screaming “paradox! Paradox”
  61. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get this finished
  62. Because I tend to start things, and then slowly stop
  63. But then again, I usually return to whatever it is I was doing, and eventually finish it off. So maybe I will.
  64. One day I may end up strangling a student
  65. But it’ll totally be their fault for
    1. Taking in the library
    2. using their mobile in the library
    3. eating in the library
    4. leaving their crap scattered all over the place
    5. printing out 500 pages of paper that tells them “this document cannot be printed” in the hope that the 500tgh will magically work
    6. or

  66. annoying me

That’s fair, right?

  • I sometimes want to go out of my way to make them understand that if they don’t know what they are looking for then it can be quite hard for me to give it to them.
  • But I fake it and act like I give a shite ;)
  • Sometimes, maybe that should be often, I think the students must think I’m stupid.
  • You know, that I won’t hear the rustling of sweet papers, and that I don’t hear their roars of “What, no! I’m in the library. THE LIBRARY”
  • It isn’t that I don’t know, its that they can all fuck off for themselves ;)
  • I often overuse emoticons. On account of d’internet not being like talking and missing out on body language, not to mention tome of voice can lead to issues
  • But txt-spellings and LEET speak is the work of the devil!
  • Except when it isn’t.
  • Which’d be when I use it, in a humorous and entertaining fashion.
  • Linknotes:

    1. facts may not, in fact, be true
    2. or perhaps not

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