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7 January 2020

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A short story showing that racism is a whole lot more complicated than your stance on white supremacists.

I found this a really interesting read; it shows how someone who would never think of themselves as racist nevertheless has a myriad of bias and assumptions that show just how much race affects their perceptions of people. Jill is racist. And most of her friends are racist, they just didn’t get caught on video policing black people. They get to go on believing the lies they tell themselves whereas Jill has now been confronted with the evidence of her own flaws. Whether she chooses to deny that and continue on as before or take the more difficult path and really examine her self is up to her.

White Women LOL does a really good job of showing all those microaggressions and social policing that make up casual racism. It makes you think about your own biases and self-delusions.

I came across this story via metafilter, where there is an interesting discussion of it

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