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1 June 2019

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: tree planting and woodland ownership, Irish edition

As part of Biodiversity week there was a talk on trees on nearby organised by Crann, which is a voluntary group devoted to trees. The talk itself was very interesting and so I went online and the speaker asked us all to join Crann as they are having a membership drive at the moment. So I went home afterwards and looked them up online, and on their website came across a reference to this book. So I looked it up on the library catalogue and requested a copy.

I don’t own a wood. Nor do I plan on buying one1 but I still found this book an interesting read. It is very much an introduction to managing a woodland or forest, but has plenty of other information as well as some nice little anecdotes from the authors.

If you are interested in the practicalities of managing a wood then I’d recommend you give this a look, but I think it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste.

  1. maybe if I won the lotto 

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