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25 January 2019

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Last year I read the first book in the Professor Challenger stories, The Lost World, where the land of the dinosaurs was discovered by Challenger and his team of explorers. A word of warning, some of it is quite racist in that early C20th-England-is-superior, but if you can’t be English at least try and be European and white! way. And I know, that may be a deal-breaker for many.

This book follows on with the same group of men, although now they are at home in England, when Challenger uncovers a startling fact… that the ether is changing. Ether, in case you weren’t aware is a substance that is everywhere. But the world does not believe his warning, and so he and his companions end up all along, barricaded indoors while outside disaster looms.

This is a very odd book, or novella I suppose, it isn’t too long. The majority of it deals with a group of people sitting around talking. And then there is the ending… I don’t want to give it away but Show Spoiler ▼

What the hell!!

But I am intrigued to see where the story goes from here so I think I will read the next book.

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