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20 January 2019

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I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve read by Griffith, and she has written in a wide variety of genres, science, historical, and mystery, and that’s just the books I’ve read by her. So I would highly recommend you read anything by her. Her writes sucks you into the world she creates and you come to see the world through the eyes of her characters.

With So Lucky the narrator is Mara Tagarelli, whose successful life comes crashing down as the book opens. Her wife leaves her, she is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and loses her job, as well as her sense of identity now that people see her now as a person but only as her disease.

Mara is not the most pleasant of characters; she is hard-nosed, angry, and isn’t afraid to let you know who she is. I thought she was great.

This is a short novel, maybe more of a novella? but it packs a punch1 and I really loved it. It feels like an authentic look at illness and disability, the author also has multiple sclerosis herself, and it really highlights the way society ignores and harms anyone different from the perceived “norm”.

The only problem I had with the book was that the ending felt a little rushed, wham bam and we’re done. But that’s a tiny quibble because the rest of the book is just plain great.

Highly recommended.

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